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One Lane Road – Episode 20: The Utter Disaster

We had come to appreciate the hardship the pioneers must have endured as they traveled along the Oregon Trail. The expedition we set out on was, as I’m sure was the case with most settlers, to not only chase the idea of a different kind of life but also to quench the underlying sense of…

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One Lane Road – Episode 19: Pioneers Pathway

Victory is only achieved through the constant choice to push through every situation one faces. In this segment, the team witnessed and walked in some of the original wagon ruts that were made by the Pioneers over 100 years ago. They experienced their first mechanical issue with the Landcruiser due to the heat of the…

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One Lane Road – Episode 18: Man Vs Machine

Life is an adventure. Every overland expedition through the course of history has had unexpected problems that one must overcome in order to complete the journey. In this episode OX Overland faces their first big reroute only to stumble upon one of the coolest pieces of history they have ever encountered.   We follow a…

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One Lane Road: Episode 17 – Over Equipped and Under Prepared

Adventure means being able to embrace change and adapt to your current environment. In this episode OX Overland runs head on with a situation that splits the team early and teaches the team what the Oregon Trail Pioneers faced along their journey over 150 years ago.

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One Lane Road – Episode 16: Sunsets & Sorrow

No matter how much prep or planning eventually you’ll meet a situation that tests your ingenuity and resolve. As the guys from OX Overland travel the Oregon trail in this episode they begin to realize what an impact an expedition of this caliber can throw your way. It’s not always just terrain and mechanics sometimes…

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One Lane Road – Episode 15: We Will Be Free

One Lane Road Episode 15 We Will Be Free: The expedition begins!! The last two and a half years of planning have culminated in OX Overlands Oregon Trail Off-Road expedition.  This 44 day 7000 mile journey was fillied with adventure hardship and the history of the Oregon Trail pioneers.  It was an expedition beyond expectations…

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Oregon Trail Off Road to Outlaw Xpeditions

Previously Oregon Trail Off-Road, we reemerged as Outlaw Xpeditions (OX Overland). Watch us as we continue our overland adventures as we brave the uncertain terrain of the continental divide. This journey will be one full of history as we retrace the Outlaw Trail in the footsteps of some of the west’s most

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