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OX Family Adventures

The next evolution in the OX saga continues with team leader Jason as he takes his family to travel through northern South America for six months to explore new countries and expose his family to different cultures.  Come along on the journey as they plan prep and embark on the biggest adventure of this little family's life.

One Lane Road - Phase Three

It was a long journey before they ever set foot on the Oregon Trail but this was it all the planning and preparation came down to this great adventure.  Watch Ox Overland on their first trip as they retrace the footsteps of the nations first four wheeled overland adventure on a 44 day journey.

One Lane Road - Phase Two

Ox Overland takes the next steps toward their Oregon Trail Off-Road xpedition retracing one of the most historic trials in America. In this phase, they up their training and get some real hands on experience in the field. Come along with them as they get prepared for the adventure on this 10 day recon trip across their route through Oregon and Idaho.

One Lane Road - Phase One

Every overland journey requires careful preparation and planning. This is where it all started. This seven part phase Ox Overland outlines the foundation, history, and obstacles in planning for the much larger trek across on their the Oregon Trail Off-Road xpedition.